LenderX® LX 2022.11 Release

Nov 10, 2022

LenderX® LX 2022.11 was released on 11/10/2022 and included improvements to both Appraiser Rosters and LXAssistant.

We have added a new type of roster to be used when assigning to appraisers on your panel. This roster will limit the appraisers that are eligible when selected forms are on the appraisal request. Additionally, appraisers that have opted in to receive LXAssistant text messages now will receive a text message alerting them that they have a new appraisal request. The text provides a link to log in and view the appraisal request details as well as how long they have to respond to the assignment before it expires.

If you would like more information on making changes to your rosters or on LXAssistant, please contact your Client Advocate at clientadvocates@lenderx.com or the LenderX Support Team at support@lenderx.com.