Take Control of Appraisal Management

LenderX provides the comprehensive, easy-to-use features needed to manage the appraisal process in-house from beginning to end effectively. With your team in charge, you can maximize appraisal quality and service levels and add value to the bottom line.


Modeling the Way Business is Done

LenderX offers solutions geared towards everyday functions, enabling the choice to complement existing business functions. LenderX enables management of appraisals from order placement to secure borrower delivery and every process in between.

The products

LenderX Software

LenderX™ is feature-rich, enabling self-management of appraisals, communication, invoicing, tracking, and secure borrower delivery, all from one easy-to-use portal. With a staff focused on customer responsiveness, LenderX is continuously adding new features and functions aimed at improving quality and productivity.


Comprehensive collateral underwriting utility.


An accurate and transparent automated valuation model (AVM) provides an estimated value for a subject property.


Powered by DocsCorp. A seamless and simple comparison of various versions of appraisals.

Coming Soon

New features and products to improve your workflow, order management, and more!

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