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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LenderX an appraisal management company (AMC)?

No, LenderX is not an appraisal management company. LenderX provides a software platform for lenders to directly manage their valuation process with their vendors. Any assignments, communications, payments, etc., are managed by a compliant member of the lender’s staff. No member of the LenderX staff recruits, manages, assigns, or participates in the appraisal or valuations ordering of an order. 

What is the LenderX Directory?

The LenderX Directory is a list of all active registered appraisers on the LenderX platform. The list is available to all lenders across the LenderX platform to research, review, and expand their appraisal panels. 

How can I register to join LenderX and be listed in the Directory?

Any vendor can register for the LenderX Directory. Registration is free and there are no yearly maintenance fees.

Click here to register now:

I received an order from LenderX, how was it assigned to me?

All orders from LenderX are assigned by the lender listed on the order. If you have questions on the order, make sure to check out the “Lender Contact Information” section on the left hand side of the order. 


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