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Appraisal modernization is an integral part of the multi-year, joint government sponsored enterprise (GSE) initiative to update the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and retire the existing appraisal forms. ​

This falls under the direction of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Uniform Mortgage Data Program® (UMDP®), an effort guided by input and feedback from over 100 industry stakeholders.​

LenderX is working with the GSEs to ensure that customers can benefit from these new programs as they become available in test-and-learns, pilots and enter the selling guide.

Fannie Mae
Value Acceptance + Property Data

Freddie Mac


New GSE appraisal modernization programs for purchase and refinance

Waivers + Property Data Collection

    • On-site inspection of the property by a trained data collector
    • Typical turn times of 2-3 days and fees of $200-$250
    • No value conclusion required by an appraiser

Desktop Appraisal

    • No on-site inspection required, but needs an ANSI standard floorplan of the property
    • Valuation conclusion by an appraiser

Hybrid Appraisal

    • On-site inspection of the property by a trained data collector
    • Valuation conclusion by an appraiser

LenderX supports ordering the following products:

      • Waiver + Inspection​
      • Fannie Mae Value Acceptance & Property Data (VA+PD)​
      • Freddie Mac Automated Collateral Evaluation & Property Data Report (ACE+PDR)​
      • Fannie Mae Property Data Collection (PDC)​
      • Freddie Mac Property Data Report (PDR)

Hybrid and Desktop Appraisal

Hybrid Appraisal​

    • Fannie Mae 1004 Hybrid
    • Upgrade to Fannie Mae 1004 Hybrid (from PDC)​
    • Freddie Mac 70H

Upgrade to Freddie Mac 70H (from PDR)

    • Desktop Appraisal​
    • Fannie Mae 1004 Desktop​
    • Freddie Mac 70 Desktop

All Stakeholders benefit from these programs

Benefits to lenders

    • Shortening loan origination cycle time
    • Enhancing appraiser capacity
    • Lowering consumer/borrower costs

Benefits to investors and counterparts

    • Improve appraisal quality, reducing errors
    • Enhanced risk management, increasing confidence
    • Lowering repurchase risk

Fannie Mae

Value Acceptance + Property Data

Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Data is an option to modernize when it comes to selling a loan. The lender can forgo an appraisal and deliver the property data that is collected by a trained third party.

LenderX has worked with a group of premier providers to create a seamless experience for our clients.

For more information about Value Acceptance + Property Data please visit Fannie Mae’s site:
Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Information

Freddie Mac


ACE+ PDR (Automated Collateral Evaluation+ Property Data Report) allows for trained data collectors to physically collect additional property information on-site using the Freddie Mac PDR dataset. This allows for lenders to originate cash-out and certain no cash-out refinance loans. This can be done without an appraisal.

For more information about ACE+ PDR please visit Freddie Mac’s site:
Freddie Mac’s ACE Page